What is EzIQC?

EZIQC® is a competitively bid Indefinite Quantity Construction (IQC) contract
that is available to Capitol Regional Council of Governments (CRCOG) Members. These
contracts have separate pricing for non-prevailing and prevailing wage rate construction projects and can be used for State Grant funded projects.

The EZIQC system features on-call construction contractors ready to perform renovation, repair, and small to medium sized construction work quickly and at competitively bid prices. CRCOG conducted an open, competitive
bidding process for four regional construction contracts. The contractors bid a mark-up to be applied to a Construction Task Catalog® containing thousands of locally priced construction tasks from VCT flooring to roofing. Contracts were awarded to the lowest, responsible, responsive bidders in each region. Since the contracts are
now in place, a CRCOG Member can request the regional contractor to provide a non-binding price proposal (preset unit prices multiplied by the quantity multiplied by the competitively bid mark-up) for an individual construction project. Generally, price proposals will be submitted in 7-14 days. The Gordian Group will serve as
the EZIQC representative for each CRCOG Member and assist them through the process described below. The contractors can also provide Payment and Performance Bonds and Maintenance Bonds. 

Benefits of EzIQC

Time Savings: Since the contractors have already competitively bid the EZIQC contract, you can get the
contractor working quickly. Days or weeks instead of months. You save time because you do not have to go
through the traditional bidding process.

Cost Savings: Receive the benefit of regional volume pricing. The EZIQC contractors are providing a volume
discount because the EZIQC contract allows them to perform a series of projects for various CRCOG Members
under one competitively bid contract. More work for the contractor means lower prices for you.

Few to no Change Orders: The contractor is involved in the scoping process and has the opportunity to inspect
the site and ask questions about the work before submitting a proposal. This open communication eliminates the confusion, misunderstanding and mistakes that lead to most change orders. You, as the owner, still have the right to change the scope of work at any time during the project. Under the EZIQC system, extra work and changes are priced from the Construction Task Catalog. No more negotiating change orders. Everything is pre-priced.

High Quality Construction: The contractors are motivated to provide a high quality project because the
opportunity for future work is tied to their current performance. There is no guarantee that the contractor will
receive additional projects. They must satisfy all CRCOG Members on all projects or they will be excluded
from the EZIQC program.

How to get started

1.Go to www.EZIQC.com
2. Enter your name, contact information and project description
3. An EZIQC representative will contact you and walk you through the process.